Why now

“Open data is now table stakes, and any government that is not participating is behind its peers.”

Kevin Merritt, CEO of Socrata Inc., Government Technology (January 2015)

To stay competitive as a region, Northeast Ohio needs to embrace open data and begin to invest in the infrastructure needed to support a robust ecosystem of data sharing and exchange.

  • Attract residents and businesses. As Cleveland and Northeast Ohio seek to attract businesses and residents, they will be competing with other communities that are making investments in open data and are already reaping the quality of life, service improvement, and efficiency benefits this vital community infrastructure provides.
  • Reinforce Cleveland-as-destination investments. To lock-in the strides we’ve made to establish NEO as a business convening and tourism destination, we also need to deliver the seamless access to information about places, people, politics, and profit that visitors will have come to expect from other tourism destinations across the country.
  • Improve quality of life and efficient use of tax dollars. Last but not least, our community leaders have a responsibility to existing residents to deliver services effectively, communicate clearly and steadily about matters of interest to the community, and engage residents constructively to make decisions that affect our quality of life and long-term viability as a region.

Without a culture of open data, we lose an edge to every community that has one. OpenNEO is structured to engage, educate and ensure that Northeast Ohio collectively invests in open data and reaps the benefits.

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