TOMORROW: How Cleveland Will Hack the RNC – With Civic Tech for Social Good

Hack Cleveland, Open Cleveland, and OpenNEO are proud and pleased to invite you to join us for Cleveland-based activities at this Saturday’s (June 4) National Day of Civic Hacking.

Our theme: Making your life easier during the RNC!

What’s a National Day of Civic Hacking? It’s a nationwide day of action where developers, government employees, designers, journalists, data scientists, non-profit employees, UX designers, and residents who care about their communities come together to host civic tech events leveraging their skills to help their community.


As for hacking, just think MacGyver – fixing things!

Here in Cleveland, we’ll have free food and beverages available throughout the afternoon as we tackle various activities including:

1) Making life easier for you during the RNC, including:

– Visualizing what streets and areas will be closed to public;

– Presenting the alternative RTA routes.

2) Additionally, we’ll have opportunities including:

-Editing OpenStreetMap – a free map of the world that anyone can edit and use. (like the Wikipedia of Google Maps).

– Helping us parse and refine text from Cleveland Council legislation records as a part of our Drocer (confession – I have no clue what that is – but I’m going to learn tomorrow!) project which is creating a searchable, open database of Cleveland City Council activities. There are dozens of ordinances and resolutions that are made.

-Put Cleveland on the Civic Graph map:

This has local networking legend Valdis Krebs and Orgnet written all over it.

We’ll be at the Cleveland Neighborhood Progress from 12pm-4pm. Hope to see you there, and bring a friend or two!

Register for the local NDOCH here:

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