See the Ohio Treasurer online checkbook request the Controlling Board approved for $2.7M

Yesterday, the Ohio Controlling Board approved a nearly $3 million two-year contract with for-profit tech start up, OpenGov Inc. of California to assist the Ohio Treasurer’s office in its effort to bring Ohioans “checkbook level” transparency for our local governments. From one article:

The treasurer’s office requested $1.3 million this fiscal year and $1.425 million the following year to pay for the program. The treasurer’s office will pay a one-time $975,000 licensing fee and startup costs for larger municipalities ranging from $7,500 to $15,000 per entity depending on the amount of expenditures, according to the contract.

The contract requires the treasurer’s office to promote OpenGov’s products, and the office will receive a credit on 20 percent of the fees for any additional services purchased by local governments.

Annual fees range from $500,000 for fewer than 500 entities to $1.3 million for more than 2,500 entities. Mandel pitched the idea to 3,962 local governments in Ohio.

Here’s the pdf of the Treasurer’s submission to the Ohio Controlling Board, and it offers a bit more detail, though there is still much more to learn:

Curious about how this is going to work? Come to the City Club of Cleveland on August 11 for a lunchtime forum with Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel as he speaks about, “Government Transparency in the 21st Century.” Sunshine, disinfectant – all that and more will be served!



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