Testify: Field trip to the Ohio Statehouse

We are proud to report that after a delayed start and the numerical progression of testimony (which is to say, Ohio House Bill 48 got heard before Ohio HB 130), OpenNEO, through Beth Sebian, provided testimony in support of  HB 130 (often referred to as the Data Ohio bill) before the Ohio House State Government Committee. Aligned as supporters and also present to offer proponent testimony of the bill, on its 4th hearing were:

Witness Organization Stance
Jung Kim Columbus Regional Data Site Task Force Interested Party Download
Nancy Reger Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Interested Party Download
Lindsey Gardiner Greater Ohio Policy Center Interested Party Download
Gene Krebs Proponent Download
Greg Lawson The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions Interested Party Download
David Landsbergen OSU – John Glenn College of Public Affairs Interested Party Download
Beth Sebian OpenNEO Interested Party Download
Shawn Busken Auditor of State Interested Party Download
The Sunlight Foundation Proponent Download

If you click the “Download” hyperlinks, you can see the testimony of each witness. We’ve also hyperlinked the individual witnesses if you’d like to read more about each one. The Sunlight Foundation was joined in their submission by the Data Transparency Coalition, a nationwide organization.

Takeaways from the day:

1. We are not alone.

2. Being with folks who “get it” is always invigorating.

3. Moving the needle for Ohioans when it comes to civic open data of all kinds, not only financial, is happening now.

We’re told that there may be some amendments to the bill but that a vote out of the State Government committee (acting as a subcommittee because of the appropriations in the bill, which will make it head to the Finance Committee next) could come as soon as next week. Then, the bill would move to the House Finance Committee and then to the entire House Floor. Its 2013-2014 counterpart (HB 324 which dealt primarily with the Data Ohio Board) did pass the House unanimously in the last session, and it’s hoped that HB 130, a more comprehensive single bill, will be able to do the same and then have time in the Senate for consideration and passage too.

We are encouraged by the knowledge and passion behind the support for this bill and are appreciative of the priority Ohio House Representative Mike Duffey has given its subject matter, open data.

  One thought on “Testify: Field trip to the Ohio Statehouse

  1. June 10, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    There is not enough incentive for litigation. That is the only way you are going to hold local governments accountable. The word “aggrieved” needs to be redefined and attorney fees need to be mandatory not permissive.



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