CALL IN TOMORROW: The Sound of Ideas will highlight civic hacking

The role public open data plays in strengthening our communities, especially in the hands of community members, gets a radio-hour’s worth of attention tomorrow:

On WCPN’s The Sound of Ideas, 9:00am on 90.3:

From crumbling roads to collecting trash to fighting crime, there are a lot of challenges facing communities, What if technology could help solve the problems? Now, you can’t exactly restore a community to its factory settings. “Control-alt-delete” won’t bring police reform. But, with a concept called “Civic Hacking”, engaged citizens are using data and ideas to help solve community problems.  It’s part of a movement that’s happening across the country, where experts in computer coding are working with community activists to mine a wealth of detailed government data and turning those mind-numbing numbers into user-friendly apps and websites.  Join us Tuesday, as we explore exactly what Civic Hacking is, some of its history, and where the local hackers will go from here.


Nicole Thomas – Hack Cleveland

Indigo Bishop – Neighborhood Connections

Jill Miller Zimon – Co-Founder, OpenNeo

Aliyah Rahman – Code for Progress

Ryan Sibley – Sunlight Foundation

Like we’ve been saying: hacking for good. It’s a thing. And it’s here.

Don’t agree? Got questions? Want to get involved? Then participate:

During the show’s broadcast: 216-578-0903 or 866-578-0903
Last Word line (leave a message after the show): 216-916-6397 or email (anytime really)

And thank you.


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