Video, original documents from the US Department of Justice Cleveland Consent Decree

Many thanks to Cleveland City Councilman, Brian Cummins, for posting numerous items related to today’s announcement and release of the United States Department of Justice consent decree with the City of Cleveland concerning its police department.

Here is the full video of the announcement, made at 1:30pm today in Cleveland:

Finally, the USDOJ has posted (and you can download from there) several original documents related to and including the decree. Highlighted expectations include:

The comprehensive agreement calls for:

  • The creation of Community Police Commission, made up of ten representatives from across the community, and one representative each from the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Black Shield.
  • CDP [Cleveland Department of Police] to reform use of force policies, including requirements for the use of de-escalation techniques whenever possible and appropriate, a prohibition on retaliatory force, mandatory reporting and investigation standards following use of force, and medical care for the subjects of force.
  • CDP to integrate bias-free policing principles into all levels of the organization, including comprehensive training of officers and supervisors, which is to be developed with community input.
  • CDP to create a Mental Health Response Advisory Committee and provide all officers with sufficient training to identify and appropriately respond to situations involving individuals in crisis.  CDP will develop a plan to ensure these specialized officers are always available to respond to calls related to those in mental-health crisis.
  • CDP to improve officer training by ensuring that it reflects the needs of officers and that it is effective.
  • CDP to improve equipment and resources available to officers following a comprehensive equipment and resource study to assess its current needs and priorities, including providing officers with functioning, up-to-date technology in their zone cars that allows them to access necessary information; safe zone cars; and first aid equipment.
  • CDP to develop a recruiting policy and strategic recruitment plan that includes clear goals, objectives and action steps for attracting qualified applicants from a broad cross-section of the community. CDP will consult with the Community Police Commission and other stakeholders on strategies to attract a diverse pool of applicants.

The measures listed above, from the USDOJ’s statement on its webpage, doesn’t include the requirements related to data and transparency but we will be posting about those in the coming days.


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