TechniCLE Speaking event at Jones Day

Some tech events require me to listen so hard that I can’t keep up with my usual pace of tweeting. From this Storify of the TechniCLE Speaking event yesterday held at the Jones Day law firm, it looks like plenty of people were moved to express their reax via Twitter, and that made it very nice for those of us who couldn’t attend (thank you!).

Takeaways after reading the Twitter stream a few times?

  • If for-profits struggle and face the challenges discussed over three hours, imagine what it’s like for social ventures and philanthropy. And I mean that. Just consider how much capital – and how much risk – the private sector accesses, compared to the public sector.
  • Education can help our region meet the tech talent needs and fuel innovation.
  • Diversity can help us meet our tech talent needs and fuel innovation.
  • Ohio and our region have great resources – we need to continue to work to make them pay off for us as individuals as well as organizations and corporations.

If you attended, what did you think? What are the next steps?


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