Gifs will set you free, and explain open data

Early on, we offered a video explanation for the question, What is Open Data? Basic question, elemental answers from people who know. And back in February, we held a Twitter forum in honor of Open Data Day 2015 to expand awareness and catalyze inquiry around Northeast Ohio’s engagement with open data.

But in our daily work to promote and nurture an open data ecosystem in our region, we describe, define and provide specific examples related to the existence and use of open data constantly. So it’s convenient when we find other resources that help illustrate what we’re talking about and how ubiquitous open data is.

This “what is it and why should we care” top ten things you should know about open data is a quick read with great gifs. Isn’t that how everyone learns these days? It comes from the Open Data Institute (headed by the person who really did invent the Internet), where you can explore much more.

And if that’s still not brief enough or adequately illustrative, here’s another even shorter video (with an eerie reference to helping prepare for Nepal earthquakes, way before the most recent ones occurred) than the first one we posted to help:



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