OpenNEO team members garner support for Community Candidate Pipeline

Although OpenNEO is focused on capacity building for an open data ecosystem for Northeast Ohio, we also have an interest in relatives of open data, like crowdsourcing, civic engagement and public participation in our democracy. After all, one of the reasons we seek greater access to public information and data is so that we can use it to engage with our democracy.

In line with these interests, we’ve submitted an entry to the current Knight News Challenge which has to do with elections. We would love for you to read our Community Candidate Pipeline proposal, give it some love (they call it “Applaud” there) and some comments. What would you add, change, delete, modify? Would you participate in such a process to help create additional routes to finding great public servants? So far, we’ve received great input and the number of views and applause would indicate a very steady interest in the idea. We’ve ever received this support from Molly de Aguiar at the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation:

You can comment and applaud (and share and tweet) through April 13.

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