#OpenDataDayCLE Twitter Forum

As part of this weekend’s International Open Data Day, OpenNEO will be hosting a Twitter Forum on Saturday, February 21 from 11:00am to 1:00pm. To follow along and participate, search on the hashtag #OpenDataDayCLE at Twitter.com and, when you are ready to chime in, add that hashtag to your tweets.

To keep track of the conversation, we suggest going to the free tool, Tweetchat.com, and enter the hashtag #OpenDataDayCLE to see the conversation unfold. If you’ve never participated in a Twitter-based chat before, this blog post has some great suggestions.

The details for this virtual event are:

Saturday, February 21: #OpenDataDayCLE Twitter Forum

  • Location: On Twitter, from 11:00am through 1:00pm, follow and use the hashtag #OpenDataDayCLE to participate
  • What: Beth Sebian and Jill Miller Zimon will be hosting a Twitter-based virtual forum about open data in the CLE. Topics will include (but never be limited to!)
    • If you could have access to any type of government information to make your life better or help you do your job better, what would it be?
    • Who else needs to be at the table?
    • Are there projects you’ve heard of in other cities that you are excited about?

The Twitter Forum will be just one of three locally-hosted events occurring this weekend in conjunction with efforts across the country and globe to raise awareness about open data and its uses. Please consider joining in at either our virtual forum on Twitter or at Open Cleveland’s in-person Code Across Cleveland events, our regional contribution to the national CodeAcross effort. You can read more here.

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