The snow map and what it takes to get a snow day

What can open data do for us? From the map maker, Alexandr Trubetskoy: “Data was taken from hundreds of various points from user responses on Reddit and interpolated using NOAA’s [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] average annual snowfall days map.”


Alexandr Trubetskoy

Alexandr Trubetskoy

In regard to the Midwest, he had these notes:

In much of the Midwest and Great Plains, school closing often depends more on wind chill and temperature than on snow accumulation (“cold days”). Thus, this map may be misleading in those areas.

Urban areas like Chicago and New York have more resources to clear snow and often need more to cause closings.

And by the way, he’s a high school kid. Of course.

Here’s the original Reddit thread, and where I first read about it, on Vox.

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