Open government advocates make a State of the Union wishlist

Wouldn’t you love the State of the Union address to reflect exactly what you think deserves a mention? Now you can with the State of the Union Machine tool from the Sunlight Foundation. (Maybe you heard about it on this evening’s All Things Considered?)

We know that broadband expansion is going to get a big mention, thanks to President Obama’s unveiling of that initiative last week. And now, six open government, open data and transparency advocates have published their recommendations for what the country should prioritize.

Together, we’re raising our voice to ensure that the president knows we and the organizations and communities we represent are holding him accountable to promises he has made about improving government transparency and engagement, making money in politics reform, upgrading government technology, updating the Freedom of Information Act and more.

The six are:

Please read the shifts and policies espoused by these champions of good government and we’ll learn in just a few hours how well our hypothetical SOTU products match up with the actual one.

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