Open data, and open the possibilities

Today, we are pleased to be unveiling this website for OpenNEO, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and achieving an open data culture in Northeast Ohio (aka NEO). (You can also check out our Twitter feed and Facebook page.)

In the world of creating an online presence, we call this a soft launch since it’s not being accompanied precisely at the same time as news articles about it, press releases, videos and so on. But, as people who keep a finger on the pulse of the open movements, there is no denying the growing belief that, in order for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio to play and stay in the segment of communities at the top of 21st Century location lists, we must get up to speed beyond the physical and extend into digital and data-driven worlds as well.

You don’t have to take it from us, though we’ve tried to include some pretty persuasive material. Just read this very recent opinion column (warning: it’s behind a paywall; the irony is welcome) by OneCommunity‘s founder and CEO, Lev Gonick. Or read entries in our Open Data Newsfeed, updated several times a week.

Please tool around and discover information and excitement about open data, generally and as it relates to NEO. We look forward to adding to it, especially with input from you. You can sign up to keep up, send us feedback, follow us on Twitter and engage on Facebook.

What do you hope to see?

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